What do you (Nudba.com) do?

What do you do?

Project Nudba aims to serve the Quran and Ahlulbayt in many ways, most notably by spreading videos of anyone who promotes the message of the Two Weighty Things. We have a long term vision for this project and plan to expand it inshallah in the future but we will leave the details of that for another time.

How much do you charge the viewers to watch videos at Nudba.com?

All content on Nudba.com is made available, free of charge, to everyone seeking the knowledge of Ahlulbayt.

How much does it cost a speaker to have his or her videos posted on Nudba.com?

There is neither commitment required from the speakers nor any cost to the them. Moreover, all our content is made available, free of charge, to everyone seeking the knowledge of Ahlulbayt which is being dispensed on the pulpit by speakers who serve the Ahlulbayt. Nudba’s goal is to serve the servants of Ahlulbayt to accomplish their mission.

What makes Nudba.com special compared to other Shia videos sites?
  • We are not a chat room
  • We firmly believe in unity and diversity
  • Be it Muharram Majalis, Ramadhan Sermons, or special TV appearances, we put all videos under one roof, and we keep tidy and organized, too. Check out our tags and albums
  • We offer an alternative to YouTube. You don’t care, maybe, but millions of people whose ISP block YouTube care.
  • We are NOT centralized around a single speaker or a particular marj’iyah
  • We provide our services at no cost to the viewer or the speaker.
  • No commercial advertisement,  and no “lonely blonds 6 miles away awaiting your call…”
  • Have you seen our video collection? Seriously, take a look
Who is Nudba.com’s target audience?

Our aim to reach any and every one seeking the knowledge of Ahlulbayt, especially those who could not reach it otherwise. [ either due to geo-restrictions (e.g. YouTube is blocked in certain countries like Pakistan) or due to the fact that recent converts/reverts don’t know where to start and find it extremely helpful to able to find this knowledge in one place]


Why are you doing all this?

A poet says:
     O’ Hussain you made the call on Ashura,
Called out “hal min nasirin yansuruna!”
So here we are in answer to you, O’ Imam
To spread and promote to other pure Islam.

Are you employed by a Speaker, Mosque, Hussainiat, ImamBarqah, or a Muslim Organization…etc?


But seriously, what do you make out of this project?

Rest assured this is done ‘only for the countenance of Allah , we wish not from you reward or gratitude’.

Wait, so you are telling me you are doing all this, running a website with all its domain and hosting costs, and streaming +1000 of videos, for free?


Is Nudba.com project funded by khums or “Huqooq Shar’ia”?


Where can I learn more about the speakers?

We publish a short biography of each speaker, find those at our Speakers page.

Why do you guys hate YouTube?

We don’t hate YouTube, or any other websites for that matter. Consider the following to understand why we avoid YouTube,  :

  • Geo restriction
    • First and foremost, Shia residing in some countries have no access to YouTube, their government or Internet providers block (restrict access) to YouTube and other social media websites.
  • There are many Shia channels on YouTube already, it would be redundant for us to start a new one there anyway.
  • No distractions, we offer some recommended videos to watch on Nudba, but ours are selected based on criteria that would make videos relevant to the topic you are currently watching.
  • Have you seen the type of videos YouTube suggests when you watch majalis on topics like death, mental health, or even marriage? Keep in mind these are less sensitive topics compared to “taboo” topics such as adultery, same-sex relations, or abortion

So, no we don’t hate it, we honestly think YouTube has single highhandedly served the global Shia communities better than many Shia websites and TV channels combined. But there are few reasons that make Youtube unfit for our goals and purposes.

I want to share Nudba.com’s videos on my social media account?

We make Nudba content available for anyone to play, use, share, or even to embed in their own website, free of charge. In fact, we encourage you (whether you are a speaker or a viewer) to start pages/groups/circles on social media and use our videos as your main content. We are not interested in claiming any credits, and don’t require you to mention us or anything like that… The only mentioning we humbly ask for, with no obligation, is that you kindly mention us in you duaa

I don’t see my favorite speaker on Nudba.com’s list, would you kindly add his lectures?

We would love to! Please use the Contact Us page to send us as much information about the speaker as possible, including an email address we can use to contact the speaker to request his or her permission.

Why do you need a speakers permission if you are not charging money? Is there any reason the speaker will refuse to grant you permission?

We sincerely can’t think of any reason for a speaker to refuse having his or her videos on Nudba.com, but our mammas taught us better than that and told us it is the polite thing to do.

Ok, but what would a speaker gain when his or her videos are on Nudba.com?
  • No obligation whatsoever.
  • Publicity and more views
  • Spreading his/her message even further
  • All his/her videos under one roof, with tags etc…
  • Alternative to blocked YouTube, means broader audience.
  • A chance to participate in a Shia educational platform
  • Reverts love us and they need not to search further once they arrive at Nudba
  • Halal-alternative to provocative content and disturbing ads shown on other websites
  • Hassle free video service, one might think us as free marketing team. Absolutely free to both the speaker and to viewer
  • Nudba.com is independent, no affiliation with any speakers organizations or office of marjiya
Why is there music background in your in some of your short clips?

We agree with you! The background music can be so annoying and distracting (and quite often louder than the speaker’s voice). 

Unfortunately, the clips containing music were not created by Team Nudba, this is how we received them, and we sadly have no control over how they are created. We understand background music is inserted for various reasons; sometimes to cover background noise or bad sound quality, sometime creators do it “just because they can and they think of it as their signature…”

We prefer to not add any special effects at all; In fact, as you may have noticed, Team Nudba does not even put a logo or watermarks…etc. Team Nudba has many reasons not to add music, among many others, some Ayatollah Mujtahids don’t permit any kind of music at all, and we don’t want to lose any segments of the Shia population.

So we appreciate your feedback and share your concerns, but we have no control over this particular issue. We will however pass the note to Team Nudba and everyone collaborating with us. 

How can I help/support Nudba.com?
  • Tell a friend!
  • Like our @NudbaFanpage on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @NudbaFeed.
  • Use our social buttons to share the content of Nudba.com
  • Volunteer with us, even if you don’t have technical skills, (type ‘stages of discussion’, write a summary of a lecture, list the main points discussed in a lecture, type the text of an entire lecture, help us to create short clips, help us to create subtitles and captions, start a specialized social media page/group discussing some topics and use Nudba videos, Send us feedback, write a review on FB page, suggest a speaker, if you have a connection with a speaker have him promote Nudba and/or mention it on the pulpit, help us creating tags on Nudba).