Nudba Calendar of Islamic Events for 2017. Please read the following bullets before using the calendar

  • This is a tentative table based on calculations for Mecca. Actual dates may differ based on moon-sighting and geographical location. Please check with your Mujtahid, and/or local Islamic Centre for exact dates in your area. 
  • Day of Week field corresponds to Western date. Occasion field corresponds to Hijri date
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Day of Week Hijri Date (Tentative) Islamic Occasion/Event
1-Jan-17 Sunday 2-Rabi al-thani-1438 Battle of Hitteen
2-Jan-17 Monday 3-Rabi al-thani-1438 Hajjaj hit Kaabah with catapolt and flames
3-Jan-17 Tuesday 4-Rabi al-thani-1438  
4-Jan-17 Wednesday 5-Rabi al-thani-1438  
5-Jan-17 Thursday 6-Rabi al-thani-1438  
6-Jan-17 Friday 7-Rabi al-thani-1438  
7-Jan-17 Saturday 8-Rabi al-thani-1438 Mawlid Imam Hassan al-Askari (8th Rabial-Thani 232 H)
8-Jan-17 Sunday 9-Rabi al-thani-1438  
9-Jan-17 Monday 10-Rabi al-thani-1438 Demise of Fatima (AKA Masuma) dauther of Imam al-Kadhim
10-Jan-17 Tuesday 11-Rabi al-thani-1438  
11-Jan-17 Wednesday 12-Rabi al-thani-1438  
12-Jan-17 Thursday 13-Rabi al-thani-1438 Demise of Fatima al-Zahraa (narration 1)
13-Jan-17 Friday 14-Rabi al-thani-1438  
14-Jan-17 Saturday 15-Rabi al-thani-1438  
15-Jan-17 Sunday 16-Rabi al-thani-1438  
16-Jan-17 Monday 17-Rabi al-thani-1438  
17-Jan-17 Tuesday 18-Rabi al-thani-1438  
18-Jan-17 Wednesday 19-Rabi al-thani-1438  
19-Jan-17 Thursday 20-Rabi al-thani-1438  
20-Jan-17 Friday 21-Rabi al-thani-1438  
21-Jan-17 Saturday 22-Rabi al-thani-1438 Masjid al-Aqsa built
22-Jan-17 Sunday 23-Rabi al-thani-1438  
23-Jan-17 Monday 24-Rabi al-thani-1438  
24-Jan-17 Tuesday 25-Rabi al-thani-1438  
25-Jan-17 Wednesday 26-Rabi al-thani-1438  
26-Jan-17 Thursday 27-Rabi al-thani-1438  
27-Jan-17 Friday 28-Rabi al-thani-1438  
28-Jan-17 Saturday 29-Rabi al-thani-1438  
29-Jan-17 Sunday 1-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
30-Jan-17 Monday 2-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
31-Jan-17 Tuesday 3-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
1-Feb-17 Wednesday 4-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
2-Feb-17 Thursday 5-Jumada al-awwal-1438 Mawlid al-Aqila Zainab al-Kubra
3-Feb-17 Friday 6-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
4-Feb-17 Saturday 7-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
5-Feb-17 Sunday 8-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
6-Feb-17 Monday 9-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
7-Feb-17 Tuesday 10-Jumada al-awwal-1438 Battle of Jamal
8-Feb-17 Wednesday 11-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
9-Feb-17 Thursday 12-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
10-Feb-17 Friday 13-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
11-Feb-17 Saturday 14-Jumada al-awwal-1438 Demise of Fatima al-Zahraa (narration 2)
12-Feb-17 Sunday 15-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
13-Feb-17 Monday 16-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
14-Feb-17 Tuesday 17-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
15-Feb-17 Wednesday 18-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
16-Feb-17 Thursday 19-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
17-Feb-17 Friday 20-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
18-Feb-17 Saturday 21-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
19-Feb-17 Sunday 22-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
20-Feb-17 Monday 23-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
21-Feb-17 Tuesday 24-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
22-Feb-17 Wednesday 25-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
23-Feb-17 Thursday 26-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
24-Feb-17 Friday 27-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
25-Feb-17 Saturday 28-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
26-Feb-17 Sunday 29-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
27-Feb-17 Monday 30-Jumada al-awwal-1438  
28-Feb-17 Tuesday 1-Jumada al-thani-1438  
1-Mar-17 Wednesday 2-Jumada al-thani-1438  
2-Mar-17 Thursday 3-Jumada al-thani-1438 Demise of Fatima al-Zahraa (narration 3)
3-Mar-17 Friday 4-Jumada al-thani-1438  
4-Mar-17 Saturday 5-Jumada al-thani-1438  
5-Mar-17 Sunday 6-Jumada al-thani-1438  
6-Mar-17 Monday 7-Jumada al-thani-1438  
7-Mar-17 Tuesday 8-Jumada al-thani-1438  
8-Mar-17 Wednesday 9-Jumada al-thani-1438  
9-Mar-17 Thursday 10-Jumada al-thani-1438 Battle of Mu’ta & Demise of Jaafar bin Abi Talib
10-Mar-17 Friday 11-Jumada al-thani-1438  
11-Mar-17 Saturday 12-Jumada al-thani-1438  
12-Mar-17 Sunday 13-Jumada al-thani-1438 Demise of Umm al-Banin Fatima al-Kilabiya
13-Mar-17 Monday 14-Jumada al-thani-1438  
14-Mar-17 Tuesday 15-Jumada al-thani-1438  
15-Mar-17 Wednesday 16-Jumada al-thani-1438  
16-Mar-17 Thursday 17-Jumada al-thani-1438  
17-Mar-17 Friday 18-Jumada al-thani-1438  
18-Mar-17 Saturday 19-Jumada al-thani-1438  
19-Mar-17 Sunday 20-Jumada al-thani-1438 Mawlid Saiyadat al-Nisaa Fatima al-Zahraa
20-Mar-17 Monday 21-Jumada al-thani-1438  
21-Mar-17 Tuesday 22-Jumada al-thani-1438  
22-Mar-17 Wednesday 23-Jumada al-thani-1438  
23-Mar-17 Thursday 24-Jumada al-thani-1438  
24-Mar-17 Friday 25-Jumada al-thani-1438  
25-Mar-17 Saturday 26-Jumada al-thani-1438  
26-Mar-17 Sunday 27-Jumada al-thani-1438  
27-Mar-17 Monday 28-Jumada al-thani-1438  
28-Mar-17 Tuesday 29-Jumada al-thani-1438  
29-Mar-17 Wednesday 1-Rajab-1438 Mawlid Imam Muhammad al-Baqer
30-Mar-17 Thursday 2-Rajab-1438 Mawlid of Imam Ali al-Naqi al-Hadi
31-Mar-17 Friday 3-Rajab-1438 Demise of Imam Ali al-Naqi al-Hadi
1-Apr-17 Saturday 4-Rajab-1438  
2-Apr-17 Sunday 5-Rajab-1438  
3-Apr-17 Monday 6-Rajab-1438  
4-Apr-17 Tuesday 7-Rajab-1438  
5-Apr-17 Wednesday 8-Rajab-1438  
6-Apr-17 Thursday 9-Rajab-1438  
7-Apr-17 Friday 10-Rajab-1438 Mawlid of Imam Muhammad al-Jawad
8-Apr-17 Saturday 11-Rajab-1438  
9-Apr-17 Sunday 12-Rajab-1438 Demise of al-Abbas bin Abd al-Muttalib
10-Apr-17 Monday 13-Rajab-1438 Mawlid Ameer al-Mumineen Ali bin Abi Talib
11-Apr-17 Tuesday 14-Rajab-1438  
12-Apr-17 Wednesday 15-Rajab-1438 Demise of al-Aqila Zainab
13-Apr-17 Thursday 16-Rajab-1438  
14-Apr-17 Friday 17-Rajab-1438  
15-Apr-17 Saturday 18-Rajab-1438  
16-Apr-17 Sunday 19-Rajab-1438  
17-Apr-17 Monday 20-Rajab-1438  
18-Apr-17 Tuesday 21-Rajab-1438 Mawlid of Sukayna bint al-Hussain
19-Apr-17 Wednesday 22-Rajab-1438  
20-Apr-17 Thursday 23-Rajab-1438  
21-Apr-17 Friday 24-Rajab-1438 Conquering of Khaybar
22-Apr-17 Saturday 25-Rajab-1438 Demise of Imam Mousa al-Kadhim
23-Apr-17 Sunday 26-Rajab-1438  
24-Apr-17 Monday 27-Rajab-1438 Mab’ath al-Nabawi
25-Apr-17 Tuesday 28-Rajab-1438 Imam al-Hussain’s Departure to Mecca
26-Apr-17 Wednesday 29-Rajab-1438 Ghazwat Tabuk
27-Apr-17 Thursday 30-Rajab-1438  
28-Apr-17 Friday 1-Shaban-1438  
29-Apr-17 Saturday 2-Shaban-1438 Fasting of Ramadhan revealed
30-Apr-17 Sunday 3-Shaban-1438 Mawlid al-Imam al-Hussain
1-May-17 Monday 4-Shaban-1438 Mawlid al-Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib
2-May-17 Tuesday 5-Shaban-1438 Mawlid Imam Zain al-Abidden Ali bin al-Hussain
3-May-17 Wednesday 6-Shaban-1438  
4-May-17 Thursday 7-Shaban-1438  
5-May-17 Friday 8-Shaban-1438 Ghaiba al-Sughra Started
6-May-17 Saturday 9-Shaban-1438  
7-May-17 Sunday 10-Shaban-1438 Imam Hussain’s  Aqiqa by the Holy Prophet
8-May-17 Monday 11-Shaban-1438 Mawlid Ali al-Akbar
9-May-17 Tuesday 12-Shaban-1438  
10-May-17 Wednesday 13-Shaban-1438  
11-May-17 Thursday 14-Shaban-1438  
12-May-17 Friday 15-Shaban-1438 Mawlid of the Awaited Imam of our time
13-May-17 Saturday 16-Shaban-1438  
14-May-17 Sunday 17-Shaban-1438  
15-May-17 Monday 18-Shaban-1438  
16-May-17 Tuesday 19-Shaban-1438  
17-May-17 Wednesday 20-Shaban-1438  
18-May-17 Thursday 21-Shaban-1438  
19-May-17 Friday 22-Shaban-1438  
20-May-17 Saturday 23-Shaban-1438  
21-May-17 Sunday 24-Shaban-1438  
22-May-17 Monday 25-Shaban-1438  
23-May-17 Tuesday 26-Shaban-1438  
24-May-17 Wednesday 27-Shaban-1438  
25-May-17 Thursday 28-Shaban-1438  
26-May-17 Friday 29-Shaban-1438  
27-May-17 Saturday 1-Ramadan-1438  
28-May-17 Sunday 2-Ramadan-1438  
29-May-17 Monday 3-Ramadan-1438 Suhuf Ibrahim descended
30-May-17 Tuesday 4-Ramadan-1438  
31-May-17 Wednesday 5-Ramadan-1438  
1-Jun-17 Thursday 6-Ramadan-1438 Torah was descended upon Moses
2-Jun-17 Friday 7-Ramadan-1438 Demise of Abu Talib
3-Jun-17 Saturday 8-Ramadan-1438 Bible was descended upon Jesus
4-Jun-17 Sunday 9-Ramadan-1438  
5-Jun-17 Monday 10-Ramadan-1438 Demise of Lady Khadija bint Khuwalid
6-Jun-17 Tuesday 11-Ramadan-1438  
7-Jun-17 Wednesday 12-Ramadan-1438 Brotherhood between the migrants and the helpers, Prophet and Ali
8-Jun-17 Thursday 13-Ramadan-1438  
9-Jun-17 Friday 14-Ramadan-1438 Demise of al-Mukhtar bin Yusuf al-Thaqaffi
10-Jun-17 Saturday 15-Ramadan-1438 Mawlid Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba
11-Jun-17 Sunday 16-Ramadan-1438  
12-Jun-17 Monday 17-Ramadan-1438 Battle of Badr
13-Jun-17 Tuesday 18-Ramadan-1438 1st eve of Laylai al-Qadr. Pslams of David descended.
14-Jun-17 Wednesday 19-Ramadan-1438 Imam Ali bin Abi Talib was struk
15-Jun-17 Thursday 20-Ramadan-1438 2nd eve of Laylai al-Qadr
16-Jun-17 Friday 21-Ramadan-1438 Demise of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib
17-Jun-17 Saturday 22-Ramadan-1438 3rd eve of Laylai al-Qadr
18-Jun-17 Sunday 23-Ramadan-1438  
19-Jun-17 Monday 24-Ramadan-1438  
20-Jun-17 Tuesday 25-Ramadan-1438  
21-Jun-17 Wednesday 26-Ramadan-1438  
22-Jun-17 Thursday 27-Ramadan-1438  
23-Jun-17 Friday 28-Ramadan-1438  
24-Jun-17 Saturday 29-Ramadan-1438 Mawlid of Prophet Jesus according to the Eastern church ?? 30 ramadhan
25-Jun-17 Sunday 1-Shawwal-1438 Eid al-Fitr
26-Jun-17 Monday 2-Shawwal-1438  
27-Jun-17 Tuesday 3-Shawwal-1438 Battle of Khandaq
28-Jun-17 Wednesday 4-Shawwal-1438 Demise of Ali bin Muhammad al-Sammari, 4th Ambassador. Ghaiba Kubra started
29-Jun-17 Thursday 5-Shawwal-1438  
30-Jun-17 Friday 6-Shawwal-1438 Battle of Hunayn
1-Jul-17 Saturday 7-Shawwal-1438  
2-Jul-17 Sunday 8-Shawwal-1438 Yaum al-Gham Desruction of Baqee Shrines
3-Jul-17 Monday 9-Shawwal-1438  
4-Jul-17 Tuesday 10-Shawwal-1438  
5-Jul-17 Wednesday 11-Shawwal-1438  
6-Jul-17 Thursday 12-Shawwal-1438  
7-Jul-17 Friday 13-Shawwal-1438  
8-Jul-17 Saturday 14-Shawwal-1438  
9-Jul-17 Sunday 15-Shawwal-1438 Battle of Uhud and demise of Hamza bin Abd al-Muttalib
10-Jul-17 Monday 16-Shawwal-1438  
11-Jul-17 Tuesday 17-Shawwal-1438  
12-Jul-17 Wednesday 18-Shawwal-1438  
13-Jul-17 Thursday 19-Shawwal-1438  
14-Jul-17 Friday 20-Shawwal-1438  
15-Jul-17 Saturday 21-Shawwal-1438  
16-Jul-17 Sunday 22-Shawwal-1438  
17-Jul-17 Monday 23-Shawwal-1438  
18-Jul-17 Tuesday 24-Shawwal-1438  
19-Jul-17 Wednesday 25-Shawwal-1438 Demise of Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq
20-Jul-17 Thursday 26-Shawwal-1438  
21-Jul-17 Friday 27-Shawwal-1438  
22-Jul-17 Saturday 28-Shawwal-1438  
23-Jul-17 Sunday 29-Shawwal-1438  
24-Jul-17 Monday 30-Shawwal-1438 Demise of Ibrahim son of the Holy Peophet
25-Jul-17 Tuesday 1-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Mawlid Sayda Fatima (AKA Ma’suma) daughter of Imam al-Kadthim. Treaty of Hudaibia
26-Jul-17 Wednesday 2-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
27-Jul-17 Thursday 3-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
28-Jul-17 Friday 4-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
29-Jul-17 Saturday 5-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Kaabah basis established by Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail
30-Jul-17 Sunday 6-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
31-Jul-17 Monday 7-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Sea Split for Prophet Mousa
1-Aug-17 Tuesday 8-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Hajj to Kaabah was revealed
2-Aug-17 Wednesday 9-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
3-Aug-17 Thursday 10-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
4-Aug-17 Friday 11-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Mawlid of Imam Ali al-Ridha
5-Aug-17 Saturday 12-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
6-Aug-17 Sunday 13-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
7-Aug-17 Monday 14-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
8-Aug-17 Tuesday 15-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
9-Aug-17 Wednesday 16-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
10-Aug-17 Thursday 17-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
11-Aug-17 Friday 18-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
12-Aug-17 Saturday 19-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
13-Aug-17 Sunday 20-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
14-Aug-17 Monday 21-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
15-Aug-17 Tuesday 22-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
16-Aug-17 Wednesday 23-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Ghazwat Bani Quraidtha
17-Aug-17 Thursday 24-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
18-Aug-17 Friday 25-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Day of Dahu. Mawlid of Prophet Ibrahim
19-Aug-17 Saturday 26-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
20-Aug-17 Sunday 27-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
21-Aug-17 Monday 28-Dhu al-Qidah-1438  
22-Aug-17 Tuesday 29-Dhu al-Qidah-1438 Demise of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi al-Jawad
23-Aug-17 Wednesday 1-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Wedding of Imam Ali and Sayda Fatima al-Zahra
24-Aug-17 Thursday 2-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
25-Aug-17 Friday 3-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Sura Bara’a taken by Imam Ali
26-Aug-17 Saturday 4-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
27-Aug-17 Sunday 5-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
28-Aug-17 Monday 6-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
29-Aug-17 Tuesday 7-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Demise of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir
30-Aug-17 Wednesday 8-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
31-Aug-17 Thursday 9-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Day of Arafat. Demise of Muslim bin Aqil. Demise of Hanie bin Urwah. Door to masjid closed except Ali’s
1-Sep-17 Friday 10-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Eid al-Adhha
2-Sep-17 Saturday 11-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
3-Sep-17 Sunday 12-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
4-Sep-17 Monday 13-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
5-Sep-17 Tuesday 14-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
6-Sep-17 Wednesday 15-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Demise of Imam Ali al-Naqi al-Hadi (?)
7-Sep-17 Thursday 16-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
8-Sep-17 Friday 17-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
9-Sep-17 Saturday 18-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Event of Ghadir Khum
10-Sep-17 Sunday 19-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
11-Sep-17 Monday 20-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
12-Sep-17 Tuesday 21-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
13-Sep-17 Wednesday 22-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
14-Sep-17 Thursday 23-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Desmise of Maytham al-Tammar
15-Sep-17 Friday 24-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Day of Mubahala. Incident of Imam Ali’s ring.
16-Sep-17 Saturday 25-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
17-Sep-17 Sunday 26-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
18-Sep-17 Monday 27-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
19-Sep-17 Tuesday 28-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438  
20-Sep-17 Wednesday 29-Dhu al-Hijjah-1438 Demise of Abu Dthar al-Ghafarri
21-Sep-17 Thursday 1-Muharram-1439 Hijri New Year
22-Sep-17 Friday 2-Muharram-1439 Imam al-Hussain’s arrival at Karbala
23-Sep-17 Saturday 3-Muharram-1439  
24-Sep-17 Sunday 4-Muharram-1439  
25-Sep-17 Monday 5-Muharram-1439  
26-Sep-17 Tuesday 6-Muharram-1439  
27-Sep-17 Wednesday 7-Muharram-1439 Imam Hussain’s camp was denied water access
28-Sep-17 Thursday 8-Muharram-1439  
29-Sep-17 Friday 9-Muharram-1439  
30-Sep-17 Saturday 10-Muharram-1439 Ashura and martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain
1-Oct-17 Sunday 11-Muharram-1439  
2-Oct-17 Monday 12-Muharram-1439  
3-Oct-17 Tuesday 13-Muharram-1439 Battle of Harrah
4-Oct-17 Wednesday 14-Muharram-1439  
5-Oct-17 Thursday 15-Muharram-1439  
6-Oct-17 Friday 16-Muharram-1439  
7-Oct-17 Saturday 17-Muharram-1439 Incidence of Asehab al-Fil
8-Oct-17 Sunday 18-Muharram-1439  
9-Oct-17 Monday 19-Muharram-1439  
10-Oct-17 Tuesday 20-Muharram-1439  
11-Oct-17 Wednesday 21-Muharram-1439  
12-Oct-17 Thursday 22-Muharram-1439  
13-Oct-17 Friday 23-Muharram-1439  
14-Oct-17 Saturday 24-Muharram-1439  
15-Oct-17 Sunday 25-Muharram-1439 Demise of Imam Zain al-Abideen Ali bin al-Hussain
16-Oct-17 Monday 26-Muharram-1439  
17-Oct-17 Tuesday 27-Muharram-1439  
18-Oct-17 Wednesday 28-Muharram-1439  
19-Oct-17 Thursday 29-Muharram-1439  
20-Oct-17 Friday 30-Muharram-1439  
21-Oct-17 Saturday 1-Safar-1439  
22-Oct-17 Sunday 2-Safar-1439  
23-Oct-17 Monday 3-Safar-1439 Demise of Zayd son of Imam Zain al-Abideen
24-Oct-17 Tuesday 4-Safar-1439  
25-Oct-17 Wednesday 5-Safar-1439 Demise of Ruqaiya bint al-Hussain
26-Oct-17 Thursday 6-Safar-1439  
27-Oct-17 Friday 7-Safar-1439 Demise of Imam al-Hassain al-Mujtaba & Mawlid Imam Mousa al-Kadhim
28-Oct-17 Saturday 8-Safar-1439 Demise of Salman al-Muhammadi
29-Oct-17 Sunday 9-Safar-1439 Demise of Ammar bin Yasser (at Siffin). Battle of Nahrawan
30-Oct-17 Monday 10-Safar-1439  
31-Oct-17 Tuesday 11-Safar-1439  
1-Nov-17 Wednesday 12-Safar-1439  
2-Nov-17 Thursday 13-Safar-1439  
3-Nov-17 Friday 14-Safar-1439 Demise of Muhammad bin Abi Baker
4-Nov-17 Saturday 15-Safar-1439  
5-Nov-17 Sunday 16-Safar-1439  
6-Nov-17 Monday 17-Safar-1439 Demise of Imam Ali al-Ridha
7-Nov-17 Tuesday 18-Safar-1439 Demise of Uwais al-Qarani
8-Nov-17 Wednesday 19-Safar-1439  
9-Nov-17 Thursday 20-Safar-1439 Arbaeen of Imam al-Hussain
10-Nov-17 Friday 21-Safar-1439  
11-Nov-17 Saturday 22-Safar-1439  
12-Nov-17 Sunday 23-Safar-1439  
13-Nov-17 Monday 24-Safar-1439  
14-Nov-17 Tuesday 25-Safar-1439 Demise of Maryam bint Emran, mother of Prophet Isa
15-Nov-17 Wednesday 26-Safar-1439  
16-Nov-17 Thursday 27-Safar-1439 Demise of Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist)
17-Nov-17 Friday 28-Safar-1439 Demise of the Holy Prophet
18-Nov-17 Saturday 29-Safar-1439 Demise/Miscarriage of al-Muhsin
19-Nov-17 Sunday 30-Safar-1439  
20-Nov-17 Monday 1-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Hijra to Medina. Imam Ali slept in the Prophet’s bed
21-Nov-17 Tuesday 2-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
22-Nov-17 Wednesday 3-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
23-Nov-17 Thursday 4-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
24-Nov-17 Friday 5-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Demise of Sayda Sujaina bint al-Hussain
25-Nov-17 Saturday 6-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
26-Nov-17 Sunday 7-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
27-Nov-17 Monday 8-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Demise of Imam al-Hassan al-Askari
28-Nov-17 Tuesday 9-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Start of 12th Imam’s Imamat
29-Nov-17 Wednesday 10-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Wedding of the Holy Prophet and Lady Khadija. Demise of Abd al-Muttalib
30-Nov-17 Thursday 11-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
1-Dec-17 Friday 12-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Arrival at Yathreb (Hijra to Medina)
2-Dec-17 Saturday 13-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
3-Dec-17 Sunday 14-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
4-Dec-17 Monday 15-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Masjid Qibaa built
5-Dec-17 Tuesday 16-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
6-Dec-17 Wednesday 17-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Mawlid of the Holy Prophet & Mawlid of Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq
7-Dec-17 Thursday 18-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Started the building of Rasul Allah’s Mosque in Medina
8-Dec-17 Friday 19-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
9-Dec-17 Saturday 20-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
10-Dec-17 Sunday 21-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
11-Dec-17 Monday 22-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Ghzwa Bani al-Nadheer
12-Dec-17 Tuesday 23-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
13-Dec-17 Wednesday 24-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
14-Dec-17 Thursday 25-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
15-Dec-17 Friday 26-Rabi al-awwal-1439 Imam al-Hassan’s treaty with Muawiya
16-Dec-17 Saturday 27-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
17-Dec-17 Sunday 28-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
18-Dec-17 Monday 29-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
19-Dec-17 Tuesday 30-Rabi al-awwal-1439  
20-Dec-17 Wednesday 1-Rabi al-thani-1439  
21-Dec-17 Thursday 2-Rabi al-thani-1439 Battle of Hitteen
22-Dec-17 Friday 3-Rabi al-thani-1439 Hajjaj hit Kaabah with catapolt and flames
23-Dec-17 Saturday 4-Rabi al-thani-1439  
24-Dec-17 Sunday 5-Rabi al-thani-1439  
25-Dec-17 Monday 6-Rabi al-thani-1439  
26-Dec-17 Tuesday 7-Rabi al-thani-1439  
27-Dec-17 Wednesday 8-Rabi al-thani-1439 Mawlid Imam al-Hassan al-Askari
28-Dec-17 Thursday 9-Rabi al-thani-1439  
29-Dec-17 Friday 10-Rabi al-thani-1439 Demise of Fatima (AKA Masuma) dauther of Imam al-Kadhim
30-Dec-17 Saturday 11-Rabi al-thani-1439  
31-Dec-17 Sunday 12-Rabi al-thani-1439